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Alpha Brain Wave

Alpha brain wave patterns are one of several patterns commonly identified by EEG technology. This particular pattern falls in the 8 - 12 hertz range. Hertz are a measurement of cycles per second. This means that waves are peaking at between 8 and 12 times per second.

In this state you will be awake but very relaxed. You won't be experiencing laser sharp focus but your awareness of things will be greatly expanded. Generally you won't be processing information. The alpha brain wave pattern is what is experienced when people find themselves in a trance or when they are driving along a freeway and end up getting 'highway hypnosis', or gazing at a camp fire, a candle or a lava lamp, or just 'in a stare'.

This is the state you are in upon awakening in the morning or while daydreaming. It is this state where the vividness of visualization techniques are enhanced and where the mind is very receptive to suggestion and programming. It is in an 'alpha' state that those 'ah-ha!' moments happen, when your creative juices really begin to flow, and when profound subconscious problem solving happens.

What are Alpha Brain Wave Patterns good for?

Alpha states are the desirable state you want to be in when you want to experience deep and profound relaxation. If you struggle with tension and stress, the Alpha brainwave state is where you want your brain to be. People who meditate have the ability to slow their brains down to this level where they experience greater awareness, relaxation, and renewal. Most importantly a low alpha brain wave is present in a 'hypnotic state'.

The more intense the nature of a man, the more readily will he find meditation, and the more successfully will he practice it.

- James Allen

The alpha state is where you really want to be if you are working on personal change, self improvement, self development, personal growth, and self help. The reason for this is that the lower your mind goes into alpha, the more receptive it is to suggestions, affirmations, and programming. Everyone who wants to change the way they think, and as a consequence the way they behave, will enjoy the results they get when they apply their affirmations while they are in this state.

How to get into an Alpha Brain State

Those who practice meditation know the discipline and long hours it takes to learn to control the mind in order to force it into a relaxed alpha brain wave pattern. In our busy, impatient culture, we want the benefit without having to invest all the time. We don't have the time it takes to learn how to do it. Fortunately, science can help. For decades scientists have been studying the brain and how it works. They have discovered that the brain can be forced into different states by a process called entrainment.

There are various ways to find this technology. You can purchase software and make your own entrainment tracks or you can purchase ready-made entrainment sound tracks. At AFRS we specialize in creating very focused, high quality tracks that address specific issues. Our list of tracks is steadily growing and can be found in our catalog.

Benefits of AFRS

AFRS mp3 tracks can take your brain to an alpha brain wave state in minutes. These tracks can have you in a deep relaxed meditative state like a Zen master without having to spend years of disciplined effort to do so. All you have to do is plug in and listen.


Alpha brain wave patterns are only one of a number of useful states that you may want to attain. AFRS sound tracks can entrain your brain to delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma. We use the latest and best technology to create these tracks. There is nothing better available in the world today.

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