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Applying Affirmations Correctly

There is a right and a wrong way of doing most things. Applying affirmations correctly is not a matter of chance. You are about to discover the correct way to apply affirmations without trial and error. There is no big mystery in how to use affirmations.

This page will inform you exactly how to get the most out of your affirmations so you can enjoy radical success in a short amount of time. How short a time really depends on you. How often you apply them and how much belief you invest in the process will be the most important factor in the length of time that it will take for your affirmations to take root and have an effect.

Some who use affirmations only listen to them in the morning, others only at night just before sleep. Yet others will listen from the time they awake till the time they go to bed and even while they sleep! Who do you think will see the most change in the shortest amount of time? There is more on this below.

Lets begin by building our plan for applying affirmations correctly around the 'Five Ws'.

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • How



Affirmations can come from anyone who is able to speak. They can come from those you love. They can come from those you hate. They can be positive or they can be negative.

For radical success, YOU must be the master of your ship, YOU must be in control. YOU must be the one to decide what, when, where, why, and how you are going to apply affirmations correctly.

You are responsible. It is up to you to decide what goes into your mind to be accepted as truth.

This is your program, you are the one who has the motivation, determination, and desire to move from where you are to a place of success.


The what of applying affirmations correctly depends on your own personal goals and preferences. The 'what' can be anything your heart desires:

  • Freedom from depression
  • Freedom from tobacco
  • Freedom from alcohol
  • Freedom from eating disorders
  • Freedom from any bad habit
  • Greater self confidence
  • Greater self esteem
  • Better self image

The list could go on indefinitely but whatever your 'what' is, applying affirmations correctly can take you there.


Common wisdom found in the various sources out there will tell you to recite and repeat affirmations every day as often as you can.

There is some truth to this, but it is not the best way of applying affirmations correctly.

There is an e-book for sale that promises to tell you the 'secret' time that applying affirmations correctly will be most effective. You're going to read that secret right here, right now. Why give away a secret? Why would anyone give a secret away for free?

The best secret is that there are no secrets. Check this out; take a fact that is relatively easy to discover, wrap it up in the word 'secret' and you have something that people are willing to pay for.

Here's the so called 'secret':

There are two times that occur naturally during your day when affirmations will be especially effective .....

  • Right after you wake up in the morning
  • Just before you drift off to sleep at night

There is a sound scientific reason for this and it has to do with your brain waves...

During sleep your brainwaves are very slow. As you wake up, they are a bit faster but not much. Once you start moving around and focusing on your daily tasks your brain waves speed up even more.

You have about 1 1/2 hrs after you wake up when your brainwaves are still moving quite slowly.

Why is it important to have your brainwaves moving slowly for applying affirmations correctly? You will find out here.

This raises a most important question. What if your lifestyle doesn't allow you the time to correctly apply affirmations during the right time -- the window of opportunity?

That's where entrainment comes to the rescue. If you have the right technology you can apply affirmations correctly anytime of the day or night - when it is convenient for you!


Most sources of self help will tell you to write notes and plaster them everywhere you normally go -

  • Your bathroom
  • Your bedroom
  • Your car
  • Your computer
  • Your mirrors
  • Your desk
  • Your fridge

You'll be told to put these notes where you can see them and read them all the time so that they get wired into your mind. The expected result is a change from the inside out.

Problem - following this advice will only get mediocre results for most people.

In today's busy world of hustle and bustle, families, projects, special occasions and so on you may not be able to plaster notes everywhere. Even if you do - once you are out of the 'zone' for applying affirmations correctly, they will have little or no effect.

You might find it a bit embarrassing to have notes everywhere that other people can see and will read. Is there an alternative? You bet there is!

When you apply affirmations correctly with entrainment you can choose the time and the place you will apply your affirmations. You won't need post-it notes by the tonne.

You can apply your affirmations at the exact time and exact place you want - the time and place that is most comfortable and convenient for you.


An affirmation is a statement meant to be repeated again, and again either out loud, internally, by reading, or listened to on tape / CD / MP3.

Applying affirmations correctly taps into the enormous creative power of your subconscious mind, and it will manifest your deepest desires.

The 'why?' is up to you. You must have a desired outcome. You must have a goal in mind. You are 'here' but you want to be over 'there'. The benefits of being over 'there' must be crystal clear to you.

No other person on this planet can tell you why you should apply an affirmation - only you can come up with the compelling reason.


The correct way to apply your affirmations is laid out here in two ways.

1. Applying affirmations correctly without technology:

You will apply your affirmations as soon as you wake up and are alert enough to keep your eyes open, or after you go to bed and are relaxed and ready to sleep.

You will have your list of correctly formulated affirmations in your hand.

You will read or recite each affirmation out loud or internally three times in a row. For best results you will emphasize a different word in the affirmation.

For example:

  • I .. am successful
  • I .. am.. successful
  • I am .. successful

The most effective strategy will include all of the following elements:

  • Repetition
  • Emotions
  • Persistence
  • Faith
  • Impact

The concept of repetition can not be overemphasized. You became the way you are because of the repetition of various statements thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of times. It is quite unlikely that you accepted a truth about yourself after hearing a statement only once.

To imprint your mind with new affirmations you must repeat, repeat repeat.

Emotion. Memory is always associated with emotion. The stronger the emotion the sharper the memory. The things you remember the clearest are those things that happened with great emotion.

Feel the joy, the pleasure, the power you would have if your affirmation was true in the present.

Persistence is required to make sure that repetition happens. Without persistence you won't repeat and the consequence of not repeating is not changing.

Faith will motivate you to be persistent in your repetition. You must believe that your statements are finding their way into your subconscious mind and taking root there.

Lastly your affirmations must resonate with you. If you find yourself being indifferent ...

  • I am successful ... ... ... (Meh, yah, whatever)

You might as well save your breath.

2. Applying affirmations correctly with technology:

Anytime, anywhere.

Plug in your CD player, iPod, Walkman, Discman and hit the play button to play your affirmations with brainwave entrainment. Entrainment will take your brain to the proper state and your subconscious mind will absorb your affirmations. Then...






Sit back and ENJOY the automatic change your affirmations create.

How easy is that?

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