The difference that a statement can make in the life of a man, woman, or child is nothing short of phenomenal.

Change your mind - change your life!

Powerful Affirmations.

Powerful affirmations are what make the difference between an affirmation routine that works and one that either doesn't work at all or works so poorly that it might as not work at all! There is indeed a way to create affirmations correctly and a way to apply them correctly.

A powerful affirmation will change you and subsequently your reality in amazing and infinitely various ways. Powerful declarations can get you promoted, can launch your business, can turn you into a super-confident powerhouse. It all depends on congruency. Congruence between what you desire and what you believe. When you achieve congruence your change will be extremely fast and permanent.


What is the problem?

The way affirmations work is a product of internal congruence. This is the reason why some powerful affirmations propel you like a rocket and others have the effect of a slap from a wet noodle. Have you been doing affirmations for a while and find that they really aren't that effective? Consider...

Reciting affirmations that you don't believe, even though you want them to work creates incongruence. For instance, you affirm prosperity but you don't really believe that the kind of prosperity you want is possible. This creates doubt and your subconscious will not receive the affirmation.

Reciting affirmations that you do believe but don't want to be true is the exact opposite situation but creates the same incongruence. For instance you affirm that you are confident, but you have an interview with your boss and he bulldozes you and rejects your request for a raise. You feel defeated so you tell yourself you don't really care or really want it anymore anyway's but in truth -- you do.

Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be.

- Henry David Thoreau

In either instance, your affirmation routine is rendered weak to the point of uselessness because of incongruence between statement and belief. You can reclaim the power of affirmations by choosing and creating your affirmations with care and thoughtfulness. Or you could choose to try some affirmations created by someone else. The only thing about using someone else's affirmations is that you have to have a certain amount of trust in their ability to create affirmations that will work.

Powerful Affirmations in Practice

If you're having trouble coming up with affirmations, study the guides for creating and applying affirmations. You will be better armed to create your own powerful affirmations. If you don't want to go to the trouble of reading the other pages the nutshell process is simply this: Think about what really bugs you about yourself and then create an 'I am' statement that is exactly opposite. Viola! -- a great affirmation.

Real Power

Powerful affirmations that can blast you into the stratosphere of success are a challenge to create. We here at AFRS have created mp3 affirmation tracks that go way beyond powerful. These affirmation tracks incorporate the latest and best technology available on the planet. These tracks contain entrainment that puts your brain into the most receptive state possible. Once your brain is nicely relaxed and receptive, these tracks bombard your mind with positive, change producing statements that will change you forever. If you like, take a look around or check out our catalog of products.

Why wander around in a wasteland of mediocrity or worse when you can enjoy powerful affirmations and the results they bring?

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